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5 easy ways to keep the summer vibe alive


If, like us, you're not quite ready to give up on summer altogether and wrap up in cosy knits or hibernate, don't despair. It is possible to keep that summer vibe alive a little longer. Here are five easy ways to cling on to it.


1. Scents Of Adventure

Fragrance can be powerfully evocative. A whiff of jasmine, rose or peony can transport you back to days spent outside in the garden or relaxing on a sun lounger. For us, the tropical aroma of coconut screams summer and sun cream in particular. Mix in citrus notes of lime and mandarin and you could be miles away from home in an instant. Burn a candle, diffuse an essential oil or spritz a perfume with an unmissable summer scent to lift your spirits. Visit scentsofadventure.com.au for some of our favourite fragrances.


2. Pops Of Colour

Perk up your home with bright, vibrant accessories. A sunny picture or bold printed cushions can make a big difference. Whether it's a souvenir from a holiday destination or one with a summery hue, the right picture can make you smile as you fondly recall special holiday memories.


3. Book In Time

One of our favourite holiday pastimes is getting lost in a good book. Lying back and escaping into an addictive page-turner is such a simple pleasure. It doesn't have to end when you return home. Set aside some alone time to read and recharge. It may seem decadent when lives are so busy, but you'll reap the benefits.


4. A Picnic Tea

Who says that picnics should be restricted to summer weekends? Even if it's wet and windy outside, it can still be a picnic day. Spread out a rug in the lounge and put together a collection of transportable treats. Whether you favour traditional sandwiches, Scotch eggs and sausage rolls or mix it up with Middle Eastern kebabs, salads and dips, eating finger food on the floor is fun even if you're on carpet rather than sand.


5. Add Some Ice

Relaxing at the end of a day on the beach with something over ice is such a holiday ritual. This is one summer treat that can linger. We're not saying that every day should end with gin o'clock (although there are some that definitely should), but sitting down at the end of the day with a glass of something chilled is such a pleasure. Simply adding a slice of something citrusy to iced sparkling water can make your evening tipple feel special. And relax...

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