Welcome to Art of Adventure

What is Art of Adventure?

We have a passion for travel, exploration, the great outdoors and new experiences. We capture that feeling and love of places and activities in our artwork.

We love getting away from the everyday and discovering something new, be it a stunning beach, glorious countryside, a riverside ramble or the perfect place to catch a wave.

Adventure doesn’t have to mean backpacking around the world. We’ve had our share of that and we have the scars and memories to prove it. These days, our adventures tend to be more low key. For us, adventure is more of a way of life and a mindset. It means not being afraid to try something new. It could involve a flight to an exotic new destination, but it could also mean saying ‘yes’ to sampling a new dish with unusual ingredients or trying out a new activity that is way out of the comfort zone.

So this week, do something you haven’t done before. Visit that local farmers market or café That you’ve heard about. Take a drive to somewhere new. Be inspired to cook a new recipe that excites your taste buds. Walk a different route to work and see what hidden gems you discover. Challenge yourself to try a new activity, a book by a new author, an obscure film or even an old classic that you’ve never got round to watching.

The summer holidays may be over, but we plan to keep that feeling going. And that is our art of adventure.